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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our web site.  The web site is owned, operated and maintained by Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC.  Because of the nature of the internet, there are some legal rules  that we need to point out to you:


Agreement with our Terms and Conditions


Please read very carefully these Terms and Conditions, as well as all other terms referred to herein, which we incorporate here by reference before using any services, or making any offers or purchases via this web site.     All terms and conditions apply to you and govern all aspects of your access to, and use of, this web site and are thus legally binding on you.  Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC and its affiliates offer products and services on this website solely conditioned on your acceptance of all terms, conditions and policies,  including all information stated in these terms and conditions and the terms, conditions and policies that are incorporated herein by reference, including but not limited to the privacy policy, the return policy, the limitation on Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC’s liability, and the indemnification requirement referenced below.  By visiting  this site, or by making any purchase or order from Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC, using the services on this web site in any manner, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions, and that you agree to be bound by them without any limitation or qualification.  You also agree to and accept the terms of the privacy policy which is incorporated herein by reference.  If for any reason you do not agree to and accept these terms, conditions and policies of Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC, including its Privacy Policy, then you are strictly prohibited from accessing its services or purchasing its products and you must immediately exit this web site.  


1. You must check this page from time to time for possible changes, including each time a purchase is made.  All terms, conditions and policies affect your legal rights and responsibilities, and are legally binding upon you, and will govern your use of the web site, and will limit Barnegat Bay Soapworks,  LLC’s liability to you. Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC reserves the right to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these terms and conditions at any time in our sole discretion.  Any such changes, modifications, additions or deletions will be effective immediately upon being posted on the web site, and you agree to be bound by them.  

2. To the extent Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC provides or relies upon any content from third parties, including but not limited to recipes, ingredients and advice, such content is provided for informational purposes only and Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC cannot and does not investigate the legitimacy, validity, accuracy and legality of the information listed.


3. With the exception of downloading onto one computer for non-commercial or personal use, you agree not to copy, download, reproduce or modify any portion of this web site. 


4. Shipping—You acknowledge, agree and consent to the terms of Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC’s Shipping and Return Policy.  Pursuant to this Policy, Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC will provide free shipping via USPS or other carrier for all orders over $35.00.  We will do our best to deliver all orders within 14 days. Due to the fact that all-natural soaps must be cured over a period of at least three weeks, some out of stock products may take longer to deliver.  


5. Returns—If there is an issue with your order such as incorrect, missing, incomplete or damaged items, please document with photographs and contact us immediately for a resolution.  We stand behind our products and will work with you. Due to the nature of our products returns are not accepted.


6. Care for your All-Natural Soaps—While we take great care to ensure that our soap products can handle regular temperature and humidity changes, the weather, the conditions in your home, and the manner in which you keep the soaps between showers or baths, can affect the products you purchase from us.  Due to the absence of chemicals and artificial preservatives, you should keep your Barnegat Bay Soapworks soap in a soap-saving soap dish and try to keep it dry and out of sunlight between showers.  This will help the soaps to last even longer.  


7. Upon receiving an order for in-stock products, we immediately pull the products from the shelves for fulfillment and the products are unavailable to other customers.  In other cases we will manufacture special orders to fulfill an existing order.  For these reasons, and due to the inherent nature of our products, we are unable to grant cancellations or refunds, regardless of whether the products have been shipped.  In our sole discretion, we may offer a store credit in certain circumstances.  We maintain this policy to protect the integrity of our pricing and our effort to maximize the donations we are able to provide to charity. If there is a problem with a particular order, please contact us and we will attempt to work out a solution with you.


8. If there is any error in a shipment, please contact us within 30 days of receipt so we may make any appropriate correction.  


9. Damaged order—If an order is damaged in transit, please forward a list of the items damaged and a photograph of the damage so we may file a claim with the carrier on your behalf and replace the items.  Because carriers will not cover a claim without photos, no replacement can be sent unless a photo is provided in a timely manner.


10. All products of Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC are sold without any express or implied warranties.  They are intended for use solely by the purchaser.     


Unless stated otherwise, materials on this web site are solely to present information about Barnegat Bay Soapworks LLC, and its products that are offered for sale.  Barnegat Bay Soapworks LLC is a limited liability company with its headquarters and principal place of business located in Mountainside, New Jersey.  We do not in any way intend to suggest or imply that the products on our site are suitable or available for sale or use outside the United States.  If you use our site from locations outside of the United States, you are responsible to comply with all applicable local laws.  Additionally, you may not use or export the products in violation of any export or import laws of the United States or any other jurisdiction.  




These Terms and Conditions and the Agreement they create, are to be exclusively governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of New Jersey (and without applying the state’s conflict-of-laws principles).  Should any user of this web site, purchaser of Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC products, or Barnegat Bay Soapworks, LLC wish to bring any legal action that relates directly or indirectly to the sale, purchase or use of any Barnegat Bay Soapworks LLC product, such action shall be brought in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Union County, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any such action.  


The products, product descriptions and characteristics of the products and ingredients mentioned anywhere on this website have not been inspected or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  

Shipping & Returns
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